Buzzwork Marketplace: Browse – Buy – Done

Get things done with a 3-step flow: Browse – Buy – Done

Buzzwork helps users quickly find reliable sellers to get things done with a 3-step flow: Browse – Buy – Done

In order to do it, we developed a conversion-centered design for Buzzwork. In Buzzwork, a user has roles as both buyer and seller.

1. Browse: Encouraging Interaction

The core value of a service marketplace relies on its ability to match the people looking for a service with the most suitable providers. This is the most important principle upon which Buzzwork focuses.

Homepage: Visitors can quickly determine whether your site provides what they need, then they look at the service categories and click on one– an mJob (In Buzzwork, we call a service “mJob”, short for MicroJob) or a keyword search.

In the mJob listing page, buyers can browse without confusion since each mJob is displayed as a block with well-organized information. Buyers can determine which mJob is suitable for them based on the image, description, ratings and status of each mJob. Buyers can also view  related mJobs using the advanced filter (by category, tag or rating) without reloading the site.

Buzzwork offers an informative mJob detail page with clear service descriptions, intuitive sample pictures, real order numbers, and reliable ratings/reviews. This helps the users learn as much as possible about an mJob before deciding to order. Buyers may also view and select the extra mjob tasks to make sure it matches their needs.

2. Smooth & Clear Purchase & Delivery Progress

To encourage more purchases, buyers can place an order even before creating an account. We also understand how important communication is in the purchase process, to help both sides clearly comprehend the work  scope in order to achieve the best results.

Therefore, rather than adding an “order extra services” feature, Buzzwork offers a communication system which allows buyers and sellers to discuss directly and receive notification whenever they have new messages. Thus, they can constantly communicate until the ordered mJob is finished.

With a simple checkout interface, no login required and a highlighted call-to-action button, buyers will be more eager to complete the order. Buzzwork also supports users to change order information at check-out.

Once an order has been placed, Buzzwork has a tracking order system, through which both buyers and seller can easily monitor the status of a mJob (Pending, Active, Late, Delivered, Finished, Disputing or Disputed). Each status relates closely to the Purchase & Payment Flows which we will clarify more below.

3. Get Things Done in The Best Way

Because we understand successful user interactions and know that transactions will stimulate growth of your website, Buzzwork aims to satisfy both buyers and sellers and encourages them to stay longer on your website.

Once a seller finishes his mJob and delivers to the buyer, the buyer can choose to accept the work and change the mJob status to Order Finished, and then he may write a review for that seller. If he is not happy with the job, he may send a dispute request to the administrator.

For buyers, Buzzwork helps them monitor all mJobs easily. Sellers can change the mjob status (active, pause or archived) based on his schedule. When an mJob is paused, it won’t be available for orders, so he won’t be overwhelmed with the workload and can maintain his reputation.