Dear freelancers!

My name is Itzik Ben Shlomi, and I’m a freelancer like you–I’m also the website founder and manager.

Throughout my years as a freelancer, I was always looking for a way to make connections and provide fair, high quality service for my clients.

As I became more familiar with Freelancer sites–the same ones you all know, I felt very disappointed to see that all these sites want to profit from the services we provide. If you subscribe to any of those sites, you know how much money they make on the work we do.

In addition, I always felt like someone was ‘looking over my shoulder’, reading my communication to clients and colleagues. On some sites, you’ll receive a warning message in red whenever you type a word from a long list of words that they don’t ‘allow’, such as: “email”, “money” or “payment”, reminding you that using such words is against the ‘rules’.

Another thing that really bothered me was all the restrictions concerning what I was allowed to publish, what types of jobs I could or couldn’t accept and to how many people I could send the same question, among other rules and prohibitions.

In consideration of what I’ve said above, I began to feel like I was working for the sites, not working for myself. I felt like I had limited control over my own work and had to always be mindful of what was or wasn’t permitted. AND a portion of my would-be earnings was going to the site owners’ pockets.

After working with many freelances, I found they shared my views so I decided to create this site– a site that provides all the same features, and more. Freelancers will have the freedom to do as they please, without paying commissions and transaction fees for every job they take. So rest assured, you will not pay any PER JOB fees–whether you’re providing services or hiring for services.

Because you are free to share, discuss and make suggestions, I ask you to engage in respectful communication which means: .
Please do not post or offer anything that is inappropriate such as anything relating to illegal activities (violence, drugs, etc.)
Please do not post pornography.

Lastly, as you know, in order for the site to succeed, it needs to become popular among freelancers and those seeking services. Therefore, I ask you to please share it with other freelancers and networks of which you are a member.

I also offer an affiliate program through which you can sign up and invite people through your own personal link. Those who I notice are constantly bringing new members on board will personally receive unique business offers from me – so register now!

I am confident that not only will you enjoy gaining new business through the site, you will prosper from it as well!

Know that you are always welcome to contact me with questions, comments or concerns.